Talks and Workshops


I am touring a talk and workshops. They have emerged after I was diagnosed with Parkinsons four years ago. This has opened me to a certain urgency. They are an assimilation of the accumulated knowledge and transformational journey I have taken towards love, joy, forgiveness, sorrow, and death.  ‘If you talk to anyone who is interested in the men’s movement, or boys rites of passage, you inevitably will mention Nick Clements.’

‘My advice? Be careful and think hard before you go to one of his talks or workshops. He takes no prisoners, no-one comes out of them alive. You come out reborn, and questioning everything.’

2 Hour Talk
Stories from beyond the edge of our existence

including Q and A, contains swearing
I have gathered these stories over the past 30 years, and they deal with the important issue of transferring boys into manhood. Many are humorous, tragic, and deeply moving. They are a result of working with indigenous people from many continents, and with people in areas of high social need. Every telling is a different mixture of tales and first hand experiences.

I understand that such stories are profound, profane, metaphoric, unreliable, transformative, life-changing, fragile, explosive and wild. Unerringly stirring…they tell of heroic deeds, defeats and failures, rites of passage, gender, sex, and so much more. Often they speak clearly about our own personal journey. They pierce deeply into our hearts and minds.

1 Day Workshop
A combination of creativity, sharing, storytelling and much more

The invitation is to spend quality time in a circle of men.
To quell our fears, prejudices, anxieties.
To listen to the communality and mirroring of our experience with other men.

The invitation is to all men from the age of 18 upwards.
To explore the archetypes of male rites of passage.

To touch the reciprocity, the joy and laughter.
To share the grief, tears and regrets of masculinity as a part of humanity.

The invitation is to be brave, vulnerable, composed, ragged.
To find ourselves and to seek to become visible to our wider community.
Please remember we are a very precious, worthy, vital resource, much needed now and in the future…

4 x 1 Day Workshop
Masterclass in Masculinity
A course in rites of passage

We are surrounded by stories of negative, toxic masculinity. What is your response to them? Is it possible to teach masculinity? Is it intuitive? Why is my masculinity so different to yours?

This is not for the faint-hearted. The course is intense – moving from blame and shame, to acceptance and forgiveness, through to initiation and recognition. This journey is made through honesty, vulnerability, responsibility, creativity, group work, imagination, ceremony, ritual and initiation. 

Only a few people can take part in this at any time. They can be men or women or all in-between,  we all have masculinity in us. Participants need to commit to the 8 months. They are asked to develop self in-between each workshop, and mutually supporting each other throughout the period.

The course seeks to set precedents, to become a signpost for those who want to mentor and teach, and help those who want to ‘pay it forward’. 

If you are interested in hosting a talk or workshop please contact me 

The best way to build interest and participation in this work has in the past proven to be first hosting the talk on an evening, within two months having the one day workshop, and within two months starting the four day workshop once every two months.

I am fully booked for talks and workshops until February 2019, demand for the work is growing rapidly, so please contact me soon.