In the New Age many people have been seduced by the superficial, guru-orientated, pretty, short cuts. If you dig through that superficial veneer you reach authentic teachers. Those who are working with integrity, humility and attempting to bring about change. In amongst them, you will find Nick Clements.

The man is generous, loving, inspiring and a revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Nick is not just a very talented storyteller, when he talks he becomes the story. He brings you with him, deep into the context of the metaphor or the archetype he is exploring.

My advice? Be careful and think hard before you go to one of his talks or workshops. He takes no prisoners, no-one comes out of them alive. You come out reborn, and questioning everything.

I would have liked an overview at the beginning with regards to the storytelling, especially how long it was going to last. We had a babysitter waiting for us and not knowing when it was supposed to finish made it difficult to know if we should leave at an opportune moment.

I really enjoyed Nick’s personal stories about rituals he had devised, and encounters with his own teachers. They were amusing and compelling. I felt he was on far shakier ground trying to connect that with the indigenous tales he told. I would have liked far more evidence and the provenance of those stories, but I have asked for a copy of his books so perhaps that will fill in that side for me.

Now I’ve had the chance to reflect I’m quite taken back by how much of an impact Nick’s storytelling has had on me. What a great guy. Very rarely I’ve seen such honesty in emotion. Nick has got a new fan.

Nick’s facilitation is just sublime.

Haute couture for the heart and soul of mankind.

I am hugely respectful of your knowledge and expertise what an exceptionally brilliant and gifted human being you are. It was a privilege to be in your company.

I was fortunate enough to see this amazing man at a recent day event. His talk was completely inspiring. Nick is such a lovely man, gentle, down to earth, understanding and caring. He has so much wisdom he is happy to share with us. I highly recommend this day with Nick.

He helped to bring the masculinity movement to the UK and you would be hard pushed to find a more humble, exquisite being who can hold such a transformational space with total humility and finesse.

Nick Clements is the most extraordinarily gifted workshop leader, shamanic practitioner and pioneer in men’s work. His humility and sense of equality is on another level and I cannot recommend this workshop enough.

I like how your website is developing. Minimalist. Provocative. Confident. Swanky. Humble. Just like you.