I enclose information on three books I wrote about rites of passage for men. All three deal with the difficulties and disappointments, as well as the successes and triumphs.













THE UGLY DUCKLING - I use the familiar story to understand how a boy can become a man. Giving examples from all over the planet of such teenage rites. The book is a guide to navigating such a difficult time in our lives.

THE NEW AGES - I enumerate the 8 archetypical rites of passage a man may go through. From conception to death these rites are again explained by other cultures as well as our own. This book has been used by teachers, university lecturers and care workers, as a starting point for discussion with younger students about this fascinating subject.

THE ALPHA WOLF - A humorous and moving novel dealing with the ascent and descent of a man in todays' society. The book notes many men are still immature emotionally, despite their age and experience. It shows how such men have to face up to the 'wounding' as the change they need to become whole human beings. The book includes a spiritual and emotional intelligence programme.

If you are interested in buying any of these books, then do please contact me and I can send you the copies. I do it this way because when I sell a book through AMAZON as the author I receive a bit more than £1. This way I can actually make just over £5.

Rites Books


I have published a further trilogy of books on creativity and community arts.
I co-authoring a book on how to work with fathers.
I was paid by the Arts Council Wales to write an explanation of Person-Centred Creativity, and how to use it in social and care settings.
Wrote 'The Pioneers and the Welsh Community Arts Movement' in the recent publication 'Culture, Democracy, and the Right to Make Art' Edited by Alison Jeffers and Gerry Moriarty.
I write blogs for Huffington Post, and they can be found at: