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‘After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world’ – Philip Pullman

Since 1981 Nick has been performing live in front of a wide-ranging audience.
Starting out as a MC and stand-up performer with The Pioneers, he combined words and physical comedy in workingmen’s halls and arts centres in Wales.

Linked to his books he has delivered lectures and key note speeches on community arts and creativity to Colleges, Universities and other institutions throughout the UK and in Europe.

He has also toured shows in which masculinity stories are told and discussed. Most recently ‘The New Ages of Men Tour’ performed at Presteigne, Hove, Swansea and Reading. Click HERE to see film

"Nick came to the Stroud Positive Living Group to share his insights on 'Understanding Men' by examining the roots of present day masculinity. His introduction grabbed my attention and the emotion in which he delivered his content certainly touched compassion within me. I've lived in a culture where I've experienced dominating masculine power stifle the sensitive expressive nature of British men.  I believe Nick's style and efforts to raise awareness and open our eyes to 'another way of being' will go along way towards freeing the potentially damaged, suppressed part of the masculine energy, not just in Britain but throughout all of humanity." Karen Stokes

He continues to deliver a wide range of talks and lectures, in the recent past he has talked at:
Alternatives, London
The Spiritual Care conference, Glastonbury
The Cultural Animators and Theatre Institute, Warsaw University, Poland
The Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in Brighton and London
Community Arts MA at Staffordshire University
Positive Living Groups all over the UK
The Community Art Symposium in Warsaw, Poland

Nick is available to give bespoke talks, or deliver lectures and tell stories to all sorts of audiences. If you are interested in booking him, please contact:
or phone on: 07814 986672

Selected available talks:
What are rites? Are they relevant in today's modern society? They can seem like the old fashioned and archaic painful experiences our ancestors put each other through, however, they are just as relevant today as they ever were. In the last years they have returned into favour, and lots of people, from politicians to social workers, are talking about them.
This evening will explore what the different stages of a rite of passage are, the principles behind them, how they can be best used to create positive change in your life, and how to create them for yourself and others. Nick gives examples of the range of rites we can expect to be in during our life span, and how each is an opportunity for learning and growth. He feels rites are experienced at all ages and stages, however, recognises there is a strong need for some form of community rite for young people as they go through puberty. He will share examples from around the world about such rites of passage into maturity for boys and girls. He also believes we can't impose rites on other people if we haven't been through them ourselves, so, he gives examples of the work he is presently undertaking in terms of 'retrospective rites for men'.

Nick shares a wide range of experiences he has gained through working in the UK with teenagers and elders, as well as with indigenous people from around the world. Leaving you with some useful hints and tips about your own rites and how to create them for younger people.

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In ancestral and tribal cultures across the world elders are honoured and esteemed for their wisdom and gifts. Their presence is lacking in our culture, but can we use them in today’s speeding and intense world?
In an inspiring presentation, Nick Clements, will show us the secrets of eldership and how we can develop them to serve our well being, spiritual growth and help others. He will describe the core stages of eldership and encourage us to pass through them regardless of our actual physical age. From his recent book ‘The New Ages of Men’, Nick will use examples of eldership in indigenous people around the world and apply them to the context and culture of today.
He will describe the five essential paradoxes of eldership:
To have values and not take ourselves too seriously
To be optimistic and stand for radical positive change
To be self-aware and serve others
To be charismatic and powerful balanced with compassion and empathy
To be strong yet vulnerable
This entertaining and unique evening will inspire you to incorporate simple spiritual practices which will help you on the path to eldership.

In this powerful workshop Nick Clements introduces the theory and reality of the human shadow.
“We all cast shadows- our vulnerable or prejudiced selves- as opposed to the ‘light’ or idealized selves we most often project into the world.”
The redemption of the shadow brings us closer to our true nature, makes us more complete, allows us to grow. This introduction will include:
* working with our ancestral heritage
* the positive and negative messages we have absorbed from our friends and family
* our personal vulnerabilities.
This valuable work is essential for those wishing to develop themselves and to follow an authentic spiritual path.

The talk looks at the Two Spirits or Bedache from Northern America and the four genders of the Siberian and Middle European tradition. These traditions allow each individual to have access to four genders, and are a fascinating and liberating revelation to us all. They are very relevant to heterosexuals, and show us the way towards a more compassionate and caring future. One of the most inspiring and enlightening talks you can go to.