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Nick is the son of a father, a man, a devoted father, and a seeker of role models.

He has worked with boys and men since 1975, and has specialised in developing relationships with troubled individuals. Concurrently, he has also lived with and been trained by indigenous people all over the world.

The combination of these two diverse experiences enables him to make a unique contribution to the present masculinity debate. Particularly with regard to rites of passage.

Nick has recently completed a trilogy of books on male spirituality and rites of passage, details of which can be found HERE

Nick works with a wide range of men and boys, providing: 1-2-1 guidance for men,
eldership training and bespoke rites of passage for teenagers and men of all ages.
He says:
* I can help you connect to your authentic self who is wise, full of fun, and enthusiastic for life.
* I listen to and honour the barriers and fears, and seek to move towards fulfilment and joy.
* I facilitate the creation of emotional links to family and friends, particularly positive and supportive relationships with women and children.
* I co-facilitate in the design and delivery of modern day rites of passage, which are relevant, risk-taking and life transforming.

Together with Jay Ramsay he facilitates the once monthly mens group which is a deep space into which men can safely step. The group is a safe and risk taking environment at which issues can be discussed. Meditations and taking time are essential, as well bringing creativity, fun and humour, as well as grief and distress.

He has recently developed a new talk about male spirituality for men and women, which he has delivered for Positive Living and Truthjuice groups. In it, he examine the roots of present day masculinity. He charts the urgent need to change masculinity and how this can affect our own personal development as women and men, as well as the wider culture and community.

Nick can create and hold ceremonies and events to celebrate maleness and masculinity. He has recently been involved in a vision quest for an 18 year old, and a sweat lodge for a group of men.

Nick is available to run bespoke workshops for all sorts of audiences. If you are interested in booking him, please contact:
or phone on: 07814 986672

POSITIVE MALE ROLE MODEL – residential workshop with Nick Clements
October 24th to 26th

‘I’d like to invite men who are interested in creating a positive image of masculinity. There will be the unique opportunity to deepen and extend this work with Nick Clements on a 2 day residential weekend in the autumn. Book your place now and we look forward to a very exciting and challenging time.’ Seb

To book your place and training related inquiries please contact Seb on or 07902790870 (please, leave a message if I don’t answer or send a text message and I’ll get back to you).

Location: Church Farm Ardeley ( )
Cost: per person - £100 plus lodging and food (check the farm's website for prices)
Number of participants: 12 (bookings on a first come first served basis)

Every man is a role model, being a positive role model is more a state of mind than a physical reality.

The aim of the programme
To engender enthusiasm, initiative, and courage in the participants. The programme is an experiential as well as theoretical course, you will be stretched physically, mentally and in many other ways! We create a safe and nurturing environment in which you can pursue personal development in a supported and encouraging manner. We use creativity, imaginative play, breathing and physical exercises, pair listening, group work, mutual support and discussion, and many other techniques. You will be expected to participate as fully as you can, be honest and authentic, and to bring your aspirations for the future.

Before the start of the programme we need you to be as authentic and honest in the creation of a personal statement as possible. This can be about 400 words in length, please don’t create a huge document, and takes the following form:
* A brief description of yourself and the major events in your life.
* An examination of whether you were initiated in adulthood or teenagehood by your peers, parents or yourself.
* A brief statement about why you are attracted to this training course.
* A statement about what you think you could do on completing the course.
You are also requested to have read the book ‘The New Ages of Men’ before coming on the programme. (book included in the workshop fee)