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Celebrating the diversity and similarity of gender
10 till 5 Saturday 31 October
Christchurch Hall, Avenue Road, Malvern WR14 3AY
£30 early bird till 30 September
£40 full price, £20 concessions
The venue is just two minutes walk from Great Malvern station. Please bring your own lunch, we will provide Malvern water.

An experiential conference for men and women wishing to challenge gender conditioning. Moving from personal development, through to community benefit, to recognising how important gender equality is for the planet and our species. ‘The future of humanity will be decided not by relations between nations, but by relations between women and men.’ D.H. Lawrence

You will learn about the Siberian Shamanic tradition of Four Genders, and see how liberating the concept is for men and women.
You will be invited to visit your Internal King and Queen, and to create thrones for them as well as understanding the alchemical connections.
You will experience the diversity of difference in ‘The Hero and Heroine Journeys’, and how they both relate to every one of us.
You will be able to explore the connection between being a whole person and the healing of the whole world.

It will be a day full of compassion, support, grief and praise, just what you need. ‘Your inner man and inner woman have been at war, they are both wounded, tired, and in need of care. It is time to put down the sword that divides them…’ Maureen Murdoch

The day will be hosted by Tessa Maskell and Nick Clements as well as the other presenters. Assistance with the creative activities will be from Herewood Gabriel and Sarah Gillard.

Nick Clements has specialized in working in areas of high social need for over 30 years. He uses creativity to develop self-awareness and confidence within individuals and groups. He was awarded an Honorary Professorship at Staffordshire University in 2009 in recognition of his outstanding contribution. He has also lived and worked with indigenous peoples from around the world, particularly working with boys and men and rites of passage. He has recently completed a trilogy of books on male spirituality, which underpin his pop-up conferences on masculinity in the UK.
The Four Genders belongs to the Siberian and European shamanic traditions. The Female/Female and Male/Male are the equivalents of woman and man, and they represent the North/South axis cutting across a circle. The Female/Male and Male/Female, represent the East/West axis. The belief is that the four genders are in each of us, and we are able to journey through, or reside in, any of the four at any time in our lives. They liberate us from only being a man or a woman, and welcome diversity in gender.

Miguel Dean’s work with young people, over the last two decades, was inspired by his own hero’s journey from the darkness to the light. The challenges that he has faced and integrated have meant he is ideally placed to motivate, inspire, encourage and empower others. More recently Miguel has experienced a calling and commitment to social change with the realization that unless there are some major shifts within humanity and consciousness the future well-being of our young people, and indeed all of us, is uncertain.
The Hero’s Journey In his presentation Miguel will share his own journey from the darkness towards the Light and his search for the authentic masculine within; and how this led to the realization that there can be no authentic masculine without the presence of the authentic feminine. Perhaps most significantly he will share a profound insight that the inner journey that we are travelling to integrate and honour our own inner masculine and feminine is also the journey that is unfolding in the world. As humanity evolves and consciousness shifts we ease the transition from the Old Ways to a New Way that is in alignment with who we truly are.

Emma Mary Gathergood has worked for over 40 years to further the evolution of consciousness in England, both through her career as a therapist in Mental Health, and as a Holistic Life Coach. She has been involved in understanding and liberating gender roles since the 1970s when she ran the first Women’s Consciousness Raising Group, and spoke at the International Angry Women’s Conference in Malvern, introducing the concept of healing between women and men.
Gender Conditioning Have you ever wondered what was the unspoken but subliminal message coming to you throughout your childhood as to how you should behave and who you should grow into, based on your gender? Then as a young adult, what peer group pressure were you exposed to in terms of how you were expected to behave, as a young man or young woman in order to fit in and be accepted? Could it be you are still fitting in, or indeed still rebelling against gender based expectations of you? Or are you finally being your True Self, free of either conditioning or rebelling against conditioning?

Jay Ramsay is a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist and poet, also working with couples. His books, Alchemy (Thorsons, 1997) and Crucible of Love (O Books, 2012) are both available on Amazon, as is his latest poetry in Monuments (2014) from, described as his finest work. He also performs as a djembe drummer with Herewood Gabriel. For more about his forthcoming workshops in poetry and personal development, and his one to one work in Stroud and London, please visit
Alchemical royalty A long term student of alchemy, he understands how important it is for man-woman relationship to have a spiritual framework and 'third body'; and will be speaking about the relevance of alchemy in today's context where a potential king or queen can realize their potential, with what that means, what it entails.

Clare Russell is a healer, coach, intuitive and mythic alchemist, who shares how mastering the subtle world of energy leads to personal transformation.  Gentle yet with a mystics clarity, working with Clare is an opportunity to nurture your Soul so you can live on purpose, confidently connected and joyfully in flow. She offerings courses, workshops and individual session on Intuition, Intention, Personal ceremony and the Heroines Journey. She is also the founder of Sacred Destinations leading groups in sacred journeys to amazing places around the world.
 The Mythic Feminine resides in all of us- woman or man. She is emerging now as a force of presence and healing in the world.  We have taken the road of battling and fighting our enemies to its most extreme, perhaps now we are now ready for surrender, radical inclusion and the grace of compassion?  The Heroines Journey is an invitation to know your feminine in a new light and let her guide you in how to be the ‘soul sovereign’ of your inner kingdoms of heaven, earth and underworld.

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