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The Alpha Wolf
Reviews and Comments on the book:
The Alpha Wolf is an essential read for women who want to know if it is possible for their men to change from immature lads into mature men.
- Alice Grist, Author of 'The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment'
Nick has penned a real break-through book on masculinity. I love his style and verve, this is a must read for anyone investigating the role of masculinity in today's confusing world. It is not easy to find mentors such as Nick and I urge men and women to take the time to read the book.
Mel Carlile CEO Mindbodyspirit Festival, London
You'll discover insights, reflections and ancient wisdom on every page….
- Anaiya Sophia, Author of 'Womb Wisdom' and 'Sacred Sexual Union'
A funny, educational tale, and just what young and older men need to read to help them along their life journey.
- Rose Rouse, Writer, journalist, PR and mum
Nick Clements writes out of a natural knowing, born of years of experience of deep soul reality. He is in all senses a 'reliable narrator'.
- Jay Ramsay, Poet, Psychotherapist and Healer
Nick gives the tools for life reassessment, 'The Practice,' that he has used and taught for many years. These are wise words that ground the story in a useful and integrative practice for body, mind and spirit.
- Revd Don MacGregor, Interfaith Officer, Fishguard
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The New Ages Of Men
Reviews and Comments on the book:
“This thought-provoking and original book argues we need to apply a new 8 ages to our men, explaining the phenomenal social, ecological and relationship benefits of this programme.  A morally, socially and culturally compelling book, it outlines what it is to be a man – from birth to death - in the twenty first century. An intelligent, amusing and controversial look at men and maleness, enabling men and women to understand the complexity of masculinity
.A book offering a positive self-help framework for men: with practical lessons, examples of effective projects, rites of passage, elders and stories from around the world. The book aims to start the process of men healing themselves, building better relationships to women and children, and helping the planet.  Essential reading for us all.
'Gave me hope for my son, and suggested ways for me to support him.'
- V. B. Mother
'Made me think, it's funny as well as poignant.'
- E. N. Vicar
'I want to buy this book for all my ex-boyfriends!'
- R. F. Journalist
'As a parent…this is a very useful book.'
- D. S. Father of two boys
'Helped me understand men and why they behave the way they do.'
- M. M. Healer and alternative therapist
'Inspires me to continue the work I am doing, many insights into working with men, really useful.'
- G. C. Social Sciences Student
'A more up-to-date Steve Biddulph, more practical and comprehensive.'
- T. I. Local authority community worker.
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Using The Ugly Duckling To Find The Missing Link Between Boys And Men
Reviews and Comments on the book:
“At last….a parenting book written from the fathers’ perspective….”
“I and many others have been waiting a long time for this book…”
“Nick has taken Robert Bly’s basic message, made it accessible, and developed it in new exciting and difficult ways, which terrify and interest me at the same time.”
“Nick Clements is one of the very few people in Britain who is dealing with the issues of male isolation and confusion with intelligence and openness.”

“Though the book is primarily speaking to males there is much to learn for all of us.  This makes the book uniquely valuable to women and men.  Though this is by no means an ‘easy-take-on-your-holidays-read’ it does deal intelligently and practically with men, their issues and their needs, and explains a great deal about their behaviour….There should be more of these books readily available!” KINDRED SPIRIT MAGAZINE  Issue 94  Sept/Oct 2008
“I've just finished your book.  It has been a strong and gentle companion over the last week or two; I'm sad it's finished. I found it passionate, wise, honest, tender, concise, readable, real and inspiring.  You write with a finely-judged balance of raw anecdote and conceptual grasp.  I was amazed how well the story fitted and held up.  There was something very simple in it for me.  Much simpler than "Iron John", with much less overflow of imagery and erudition and complexity.  A great clarity, born out of experience and talk-walking and practicality.  I think what impressed me most was the concision and lucidity of both the structure and the writing itself - kind of "no frills", plain-speaking, cut to the chase. What emerges from the book is a voice talking urgently and honestly and crap-cuttingly. “ Richard Arkwright   Co-ordinator, St. Ann’s Community Orchard Education Initiative, Nottingham
“I found it very moving & profoundly relevant.”    Eliot Baron, Pembrokeshire