I said:

If you really knew how ugly I am,
then we wouldn’t have to pretend to be so nice.

I tell stories.
Some stories I have told many hundreds of times.
They can lose themselves in the edges between truth, lies, exaggeration – and the exuberance of sharing.

As a child, I was told I was stupid over and over.
Eventually I absorbed the message.
By being stupid there were no expectations made of me.
It meant I could do as I wished, be who I wanted.
I am stupidand that means I have to learn every day.

A friend of mine went on the Friendsreunited website and came across someone we knew.
The acquaintance asked,
‘Are you still in touch with anyone?’
‘Yes, Nick Clements.’
He was shocked.
‘No, I thought he died a while ago.’

I didn’t…


I’m still here, just.

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