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'Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.' – Rumi

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The Teachings of the East
East – Air – Sunrise – The baby

Venue: Stroud area Cost: £200
A series of four day sessions for men and women at which you can learn about ritual, ceremony and spirituality with Nick Clements. ‘The Teachings come from a wide range of teachers, they are archetypal, they come from personal experience, they represent the start of something. They will help you commit more fully and more fearlessly to your own personal path/journey and take an honest look at what’s in the way. Allow you to have fun, make mistakes, be creative. Teach you how to respond (not react) to life’s challenges. Provide a community of interest where you can get support and be of service to others.’
19 July
20 September
22 November Sweat Lodge
Book your place or for more info at:
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Date: 26 February, 2014 Time: 6.30 till 9.00pm Cost: Free
Venue: Upstairs Boston Tea Party, 75 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5PF
Nick Clements and Clare Russell invite you to the launch party. They will explore and explain:
Imagineers programme: Three weekends over three months. Cost: £500
Calling all social entrepreneurs. We have a range of options available at all times. By joining The Imagineers you can pause for a moment and make a conscious choice as to where you want to go. The programme is designed to unlock the consciousness and creativity in you. We will encourage you to catalyse breakthrough in yourself and others. Become the inspiration and innovation needed in the world. How can you miss such an opportunity? Let’s stop playing small, let’s collaborate and create something of value.
15 – 16 March Seeking Your Questions
12 – 13 April Finding Your Strengths
10 – 11 May Moving Towards Your Community
Book your place or more info at:
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An invitation to risk for women and men

Venue: Central Bristol Cost: £150
Our intention is to: explore what unites and divides the genders
bear witness to our different experiences
begin to heal fractures and release stories
Your inner man and inner woman have been at war, they are both wounded, tired, and in need of care. It is time to put down the sword that divides them. The event will be guided by Anna Bianchi and Nick Clements

17-18 May weekend exploring male and female issues
14 June one day follow up and ceremony
26 July one day follow up and seeking continuation

Book your place or more info at: Anna on or Nick on

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Men and Thundering Grace
A male journey through the 7 gates dance with sweat lodge.

Venue: Stroud area Cost: £100 per workshop
Three separate men only workshops, held by Sole Satja and Nick Clements

The 7 gates are physical and energetic locations connected to the body's sexual soul system. The work is undertaken through inner journeying, prayer and movement. Integrating the energy gently and with awareness each step of the way. Trance dance and a sweat lodge will be part of the journey, allowing integration to occur beyond the mind. For a man to be able to surrender into such work, he must respect and reclaim his own sanctity.

26 April
12 July
4 October
Book your place or more info from: Sole on:

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Learning about sweat lodges

Venue: The Space To Be, Little Eaton, Derbyshire Cost: £100 per workshop
Three separate workshops on how to construct and hold a sweat lodge, run by Nick Clements and Malcolm Edwards.
The opportunity to learn about and participate in sweat lodges. For men and women. You will be taken right from the start of construction through to completion. Each day will be full of stories and advice. You can attend just one, but those who attend all three will gain a great deal of insight. It is an outdoor activity, physically demanding and you may well get wet during the activity. However, you will end up being very warm by the end of the day.
3 May
28 June
25 October
Book your place or more info at:

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The redemption of shadow process

Venue: Gaunts House, Dorset Cost: £295
A weekend workshop co-facilitated by Jay Ramsay, Nick Clements and Christina McLaughlin. These people are magicians, poets, authors, artists, creatives, business people, teachers, pupils, all of these things and so much more. They are seeking to role model a new way of being. 'As modern day midwives, we will be using thresholds, gateways and rituals to enable people to step into their authentic power. We will be encouraging people to step away from duality and addiction, towards collaboration and love.'   The darkest hour is just before the dawn - A workshop full of faith, magic, collaboration and love.
Dates: 6 – 8 June
Book your place or more info at:

Enabler of community creation
Advisor to governments, local authorities and charities around the world.
Training and workshops for the creation of sustainable communities in areas of high social need.
Suitable for community leaders, social and community workers, the voluntary sector.

Expert on rites of passage
Developing role models, community spirit and personal awareness.
Training and workshops for the creation of inter-generational projects.
Suitable for parents, community leaders, youth workers, and those wishing to give something back to society.

Advanced leadership instructor
Over 30 years experience of using creativity as a catalyst for social change.
Training courses in modern day leadership. Team building to increase self-confidence, motivation and self-expression.
Suitable for CEO’s, managers and team building in local authorities, business, charities and corporations.
Thought leader on masculinity
Over 20 years researching and developing new ways of being for boys, men and fathers.
Training and workshops on issues relating to masculinity. Promoting harmony and understanding between the sexes and generations.
Suitable for women’s groups, men’s groups, mixed groups, parents and those working with teenagers.
One-to-one work with boys and men on lifestyle and relationships.