Nick Clements

Welcome. This is an archive of the work of Nick Clements. He is mainly known for working with masculinity and rites of passage. In addition, he is one of the longest serving community artists in the UK. Remarkably  he is employed as an author and workshop leader in the diverse fields of masculinity, rites of passage, arts and health, person centred creativity, wellbeing, and much more. The archive will attempt to explain his practice and principles, as well as detailing his work. The website has taken some months to pull together, and it now contains as much of his work as we can find. Nick has been an outsider all his life, and is happy to inhabit the fringes of our culture. As such, he has been a risk-taker, a leader without knowing where to go, but going there anyway. Relying on his boundless enthusiasm, charm and sense of humour, he has become known across the globe.

This website can be explored in whatever way you wish. Such websites are normally read in a hurry and we on average spend less than two minutes on a website. Nick is a storyteller, so he wanted to offer something more substantial. This  page and the next three are four tellings of the same story, progressively  offering more and deeper information and illustration (photos).

This Home page is the first telling, the second is called ‘The Bare Bones’, a brief summation of his work in the normal CV stylee. The second ‘The Simple Truth’ offers more detail, whilst the third ‘The Full Story’ is full of anecdotes and detail. These are followed by pages dedicated to his books, blogs, films and much more. We offer the website as a storytelling experience, start here with us and take your time. Go make a cup of tea, bring a biscuit, relax, let’s tell stories.

Are you still with me?  If you want to carry on you may need to boil the kettle again. Let’s do the big story…

Nick Clements talks about community and the importance of creativity